About Us

We believe there should be moments in life filled with happiness and joy. The unforgettable ones. At TMG, we bring this school of thought to the golf course. Enjoy the game!

Tomas (a passionate golfer and clothing designer) and Michal (founder of Live Sweaters brand) joined forces in 2018 to create exclusive golf outfits perfect for your next outing. As we connect Czech production with tradition and natural, highly functional materials, the brand was established to commemorate this year's 100th anniversary of the Republic. This cutting edge golfwear serves to support Czech industry as well as your own quest for life’s most ‘unforgettable moments.’ TMG primarily manufactures from merino wool because of its excellent thermoregulatory properties that ensure it warms you up in the winter and cools you down in the summer. Permanent elasticity of the threads allows for comfortable movement without loosening of the garment. The Merino wool also directs sweat away from the body, thus avoiding the cold dampness all too common in typical polyester golfwear. The threads are naturally odor, dust, and dirt repellent. The highly calculated blend of qualities in our products is perfect for a long day on the course, and has garnered the highest praise from players and non-players alike. You can look forward to knitted vests, sweaters, and polo shirts from extra fine 100% merino wool as well as other top of the line golf accessories.
About Us

  • Our story

    The collaboration of the popular Czech brand of premium merino sweaters by Live Sweaters and Tomas, a passionate golfer and veteran tailor.

  • Why TMG

    100% merino wool extra fine. Czech tradition. Founded with 100 year anniversary of the Czech Republic. You are at here for the beginning of our brand, please help TMG grow.

  • Benefits

    Functionality of natural merino wool. Our products breathe, so they are comfortable in both summer and winter. Our products adjust the temperature of your body according to the surroundings and have a unique style.


Czech brands with which we are happy to cooperate.


All products are available at the Live Sweaters e-shop. After clicking on the product photo, you can get to the e-shop directly.

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